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I decided I might as well start spending some of my points now that I have some saved up pfft
However, I'm also willing to not only spend points, but to do trades with characters and art ;w;
I'd rather not be completely dry of points any time soon

So things that I'm going to be looking for-

-Original species
I've been looking into waterdogs recently though ;v; I kind of want one
but any species will be fine really, it all depends on if I like the design and all

-Characters with designs a little more complex, but not too hard to draw
Ones that after a while of drawing, are easily remembered. I'd say a personal example of such would be Moonbeam ^^;

-Feral/Anthro commissions
I've been wanting to commission more art of my fursona recently, I just made her a new reference sheet and I'll be adding her personality into the description hopefully soon, just so her personality will hopefully be captured in the commissions vuv
And kind of unrelated to spending anything buuut

I'm also looking to do trades in general.

Art trades, design trades, pretty much just that.

I'd be willing to even trade my original species Felings during the design trades, I know they're not really popular or anything, but eh, if anyone wants one
I just need to draw a bit more and want to do trades ;;
Yeah, I got Photoshop CS5(One of the better versions in my opinion) recently, and I'm actually able to open and save files through it pfft

So now I can actually do collabs ;v;

So let me know if any of you actually want to do one I guess!

I'm still kind of getting used to the way Photoshop is, so sorry if any sketches or linearts are a bit sloppy or poorly done ;;
Jenna Ref 2015 by wolftales1
Jenna Ref 2015
No design changes that I can think of, but she needed a new ref so here.
Also, I recently got Photoshop thanks to a friend's help, and along with her tips, I've been okay with Photoshop. It's still a bit different to me since I'm so used to SAI, but I'll get used to it c:
At least I have an art program that opens and saves files now! Now I don't have to worry about losing unfinished things and can do collabs without difficulties woo!



If you have any questions about her, feel free to ask I guess
though, no she is not for sale, breeding, or trade, she is my Fursona, and one of my most personally loved designs. Just in case someone asked ^^;
Ori and the Blind Forest by wolftales1
Ori and the Blind Forest
Just some casual fanart for a game I've recently been playing on Steam. I seriously love this game, the art of it is amazing and the same can be said for the story and actual game play. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but I definitely recommend Ori and the Blind Forest.

Though however, I will say
my eyes did tear up thanks to a certain part |D
Definitely felt the feels

Enjoy some Ori
Think about playing the game


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United States
I'm just you're average indoor, homestuck, furry, fandomer, artist that's also crazy about reptiles and is starting to get into tarantulas ;v;
My name is Jenna, but feel free to call me Jen, Jay, Ash, or Wolx, I go by all
I'm single and have no romantic interests honestly, it's hard for me to find 'the one' since humans aren't things I communicate with often. Plus, my ideal partner is someone I'm very, very close to, and one that I know I won't have to worry about my relationship with. I prefer long term relationships, just the idea of a few weeks of dating unless it's not working out bothers me, since I don't know if it should even be considered actual 'dating'.
And I just see people more as friends sometimes too, I'm not exactly a social butterfly so that's always been a problem.
I have no idea why I put all that there, but meh, whatever, read it if you want, care if it means something to you which it probably doesn't, and just continue on your way to do whatever.

I'm here to improve and keep my head held high, and I hope you're here to do the same!
:bulletred: Commissions|OPEN||…| :bulletred:

|Fursona-Jenna-Jenna Ref 2015 by wolftales1|
|Making a new secondsona soon.|
|Loved character-Moonbeam/Elizabeta-new ref soon|

|Also, if you want my skype, please note me, my skype is rather personal c: |

|My steam is JenWolx, feel free to add me, I just like games.|

|DON'T be afraid to talk to me! I'm the kind of person who easily becomes friends with people as long as they talk first, the only way to make me not like you is for you to hurt me personally.|



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VERlFY Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  New member
ur gay
mewinq Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  New member Student General Artist
mewinq Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  New member Student General Artist
ur a cool cat
i miss u alot sighs i hope uve been doing okay i know ive been an asshat lately ive been so stressed im sry for being mean to u :[ i hooe ur doing okay now nd stuf
wolftales1 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I've... had my ups and downs... I wouldn't say I've been the best, but I'm not like how I used to be if it makes sense? No matter how bad things have gotten recently, I've been holding out, at least I'd like to think I have. Pretty sure I have anyways.
I don't really know what to say, um
I'm still pretty awkward, I wasn't really expecting you to talk to me again? I still think you really hate me honestly.

But yeah, probably rambling now.
or about to.
Anyways, yeah I've been doing fine I guess, just stress and my migraines giving me problems every now and again, but I can handle it.
And I guess it's fine, I ended up not caring much after a few times. Got used to it I guess? Actually, not really, more like I ignored it? I didn't really let it get to me I guess would be the best way of explaining it. I got tired of feeling sad and all about it.

And if I were to be completely, 100% honest though
since I kind of get the feeling you want to be friends or something again
I don't think we'll be like how we used to be at all
I'm still way to awkward about it and I still rarely ever talk to anyone other than one person.
mewinq Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  New member Student General Artist
i dont hate u man i was jsut being dumb and off my medication 
also im sry that suckksss 
hows ur fursuit stuff goin
wolftales1 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I'm still honestly finding that hard to believe, idk it's probably just all connected to how my mind works to why I'm thinking that?

It's fine, I've gotten used to everything pretty much I guess.

As for my fursuit stuff in general, I haven't done much.
Jenna's head is still basically unfinished and will probably remain that way, I plan on completely redoing her along with a full suit hopefully sometime soon.
I'm hoping to hang out with my friend soon so we can work on Slothem, a premade head I designed and we decided to go ahead and make, we pretty much just need to finish sewing the fur, hot gluing things in, and lining, then hopefully he'll be done.
I've been mostly more interested other things like games and other hobbies such as reptiles and arachnids, I've recently warmed up to tarantulas a lot. I now want to have a few of those when I move out. So fursuits and all haven't been on my mind as much honestly, though I do have projects planed and all. 
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DragonDonuts Featured By Owner Edited Feb 18, 2015…
Hurr he is. c:
I also have all the moneys now if you want to start a bit early. :>
DragonDonuts Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
It's almost March, you still up for making a fursuit for me? c:
I finally decided on a character. XDDD
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