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My newest lovely by wolftales1
My newest lovely
So, um, hi

I'm not even going to apologize for being inactive, because I'm pretty much abandoning dA
I might post one or two things like once or twice a year? idk
maybe not even that much
I'll probably leave my account up but I won't be doing very much on here I guess
maybe I'll delete it in a few months but
right now the plan is to just be inactive as hell

I should probably go ahead and explain this
This is a tarantula
and it's also my tarantula
my G. Pulchripes to be exact
just got it today
it's a chill little mf and I love it
around 2 inches right now
suspect male but
took a really close look at it earlier and there's a small possibility it might be female?? It could be either or right now
I'll need to grab it's next molt or two to confirm it
this is my new little shit, and I look forward to watching it grow
should take a few years to reach maturity, this species can get up to like 8 inches
which I like
I like big spiders

anyway, that's pretty much all
so um
bye for now?
I'm in the mood to do a few
School's started up recently and I want to draw and post a bit more before I completely leave DA which will probably end up being in a couple months
Idk if I'll deactivate my account or just leave it active but basically dead
probably will deactivate though

So if you want to do an art trade, just ask
Probably going to ask for art of my fursona or one of my more used characters
Offer Adopts 2/2 Open by wolftales1
Offer Adopts 2/2 Open

I was in the mood for doing some quick designs so here

I'm slowly becoming more and more inactive and will probably leave soon, and I have almost no use for points and I don't have a paypal, so 
offering art and characters give you a better chance at getting the design. However, I will still accept points if needed.
If offering art, please send me some examples of some of your work. 
If offering characters, please send links to reference sheets or full body pictures. 

1. Open
2. Open

Art/Designs (c) wolftales1
just going to get right to the point

I'm probably going to be leaving dA soon so I'm going to probably spend most of the points I've had just sitting there since I have them and don't need them for anything.

So what I'm looking for
-Animal/anthro artists mainly
-Mostly SFW (I'd like normal drawings, however if you're good at it, I might commission some lack of clothes, but not anything sexual.)
-At least flat color
-Casual poses. As in, I don't want my character just sitting/standing there smiling. Examples- Playing a game, sitting on a counter or wall, just casual things like that please.

I'll let whoever I commission know what else I'd like
most of it depends on price, character, and art style
I'm looking into other art websites to start going on.

I've already joined one that so far looks nice, a lot better than DA. The people on there aren't crazy or anything, and as far as I can tell there's a lot less people on it compared to DA.

I'm thinking about getting a tumblr or sharing an account with a friend
Thing is, I hate most of tumblr, so I'd either quickly abandon the account, or only go on it like once a month maybe.
I'd already be keeping silent on it, I'll probably never really respond to any posts, just like, follow, and do all that stuff without drawing too much attention to myself.

I share an FA with my friend, but I don't like the site too much. I'll stay on the shared account but I think that'll be the only one I stay on.

But anyway
if you have any recommendations or would like to join any sites, comment or note me

There's a good chance I'll be leaving DA pretty soon.
I might get a few commissions with all the points I have, wait for them to be finished, and then leave.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
About me
- Name; Jenna
- Birthday; January 9th
- Gender; Female
- I don't really care if I'm called a he or an it, it doesn't really bother me as long as it's an actual pronoun
- Pansexual
- Happily taken
- Tired a lot of the time
- Loves the dark
- Loves the cold
- Favorite youtubers are Minx(+Krism, otp) and Cry
- I actually really, really like playing games
- I want to become; Some kind of artist, someone that works with animals, or by some chance, a youtube gamer, but I don't know how lucky I'll be with that ;v;
- I'm a lot friendlier than I might seem, so don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm sure we can find something to talk about
- I also really like things people kind of find creepy, like reptiles and arachnids for example. I have two leopard geckos that I love to death, along with a G. Pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee)

:bulletred: Commissions|OPEN||…| :bulletred:

|Fursona-Jenna-Jenna Ref 2015 by wolftales1|
|Making a new secondsona soon.|
|Loved character-Moonbeam/Elizabeta-new ref soon|

|Also, if you want my skype, please note me, my skype is rather personal c: |

|My steam is JenWolx, feel free to add me, I'm just a casual dork that likes games.|



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